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  • Top Tips for Maintaining and Servicing a Wooden Boat

    20 August 2020

    When it comes to elegance, few boat designs come close to the look of a varnished wooden boat. Unfortunately, most boat enthusiasts have the wrong perception that wooden boats are difficult to maintain, especially in a tropical climate. However, the misconception should not be a reason to shun wooden boats. Maintaining and servicing wooden boats is manageable, but only if you take the right steps. This article highlights essential tips for servicing a wooden boat.

  • Why Wrestling Is Becoming A Popular Sporting Alternative Across Australia

    13 March 2020

    For a long time in Australia, the only two popular options for sports were rugby league and AFL but, as the country got more diverse, more and more sports and activities started to trickle in. Wrestling was one of these sports that started to gain a foothold in the big cities decades ago, but now you can find wrestling competitions and training centres almost everywhere. The sport has had a surge in popularity but why are so many people taking to it?

  • 5 Benefits of Polyester Cycing Jerseys

    21 December 2019

    When you are preparing to order custom cycling kit for your team or club, it is important to think about the fabric you want the cycling jerseys to be made from. Fabric choice is just as important as jersey design, so it is worth spending some time learning about the benefits of different types of materials. Here are five reasons why polyester should be your first choice of fabric for cycling jerseys.

  • 3 Top Features that Define a High-Quality Acrylic Tennis Court

    29 April 2019

    Acrylic surfaces are some of the most common tennis surfaces that are used by both professionals and non-professionals primarily because of the high gaming performance.  According to tennis court experts, acrylic surfaces offer a consistent ball bounce and speed, which is something that amateur players need to improve. Moreover, an acrylic tennis surface requires little maintenance and lasts a long time thanks to the material's excellent resilience. Notably, there are different brands in the market that promising high-quality acrylic.