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3 Top Features that Define a High-Quality Acrylic Tennis Court

by Larry Hart

Acrylic surfaces are some of the most common tennis surfaces that are used by both professionals and non-professionals primarily because of the high gaming performance.  According to tennis court experts, acrylic surfaces offer a consistent ball bounce and speed, which is something that amateur players need to improve. Moreover, an acrylic tennis surface requires little maintenance and lasts a long time thanks to the material's excellent resilience. Notably, there are different brands in the market that promising high-quality acrylic. Therefore, you must be cautious when buying an acrylic surface to install in your backyard. This article highlights features you need to look out for to ascertain the quality of acrylic surfacing.

Adequate Cushioning -- One of the first things you need to look out for when buying an acrylic surface is cushioning. The highest quality acrylic tennis courts have about three layers of cushioning which form the surface's shock-absorbing system. The coatings provide unrivalled comfort for both professional and recreational players. First, the cushion layers ensure that a user gets a dynamic response to body impact and attenuates the foot and leg against shock. It helps to prevent potential injuries during the practice of play situations. Furthermore, the cushioning helps reduce fatigue because a user's body receives less beating from surface impacts. The best part about the cushion layers on an acrylic tennis surface is that you can add or remove the layers depending on your preference.  

Multiple Acrylic Coating -- During the installation of an acrylic tennis surface, the application is applied with rubber-containing coatings to achieve the desired thickness. Therefore, it is essential to examine the number of acrylic coats used. For example, make sure that the coatings are adequate to form a firm, uniform surface. Furthermore, multiple coating ensures that the cover stays durable regardless of the number of times it is used. If an installer uses just one or two layers of the acrylic rubber, then the surface will wear fast, thereby forcing surface recoating which costs money.

Flexible Acrylic Binders -- Smoothness is one of the primary characteristics of an acrylic surface, and this is only achievable if flexible elastomeric binders are used. The binders maximize the feel of the rubber granules once the coating is applied. As a result, the surface remains smooth and pliable even after years of use. It means that users do not have to worry about injuries and poor performance even when wear signs begin to show. Therefore, ensure that the materials used contain flexible acrylic binders for long-lasting smoothness.

A company that provides tennis court surfacing can help you determine how many layers you need and the proper coating for your tennis court.