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Why Wrestling Is Becoming A Popular Sporting Alternative Across Australia

by Larry Hart

For a long time in Australia, the only two popular options for sports were rugby league and AFL but, as the country got more diverse, more and more sports and activities started to trickle in. Wrestling was one of these sports that started to gain a foothold in the big cities decades ago, but now you can find wrestling competitions and training centres almost everywhere. The sport has had a surge in popularity but why are so many people taking to it? Here are three reasons why wrestling is establishing itself so strongly in a packed sporting landscape.

No Set Body Standard

For some sports, having a body type that fits the requirements is essential to be any good. Wrestling accommodates everyone who wants to participate and there is no set ideal body type to succeed with. You can be tall, short, skinny, burly, fast, slow, etc. It doesn't matter. With wrestling, all it takes is a certain amount of dedication, and you can become competitive against people in your weight class. That makes it very attractive to people who never found a place to fit in amongst other team and individual sports. It also means that men and women of all ages are welcome to try it out and see if it fits their lifestyle.

Simple To Train

Some sports require a lot of equipment and people to get a good training session in. Wrestling can be practiced anywhere you have a flat surface and one other friend. Even without another person, you can still prepare for wrestling by improving your core strength and through long-distance running, weights, grip strength and fatigue resistance. Preparing for wrestling is almost indistinguishable from regular exercise routines (when you're doing it by yourself, not training techniques) which means it is also good for your general wellbeing. Getting healthy is a great side effect of becoming a good wrestler!

Real-Life Application

Many people start wrestling because they want to improve their understanding of how to defend themselves in the real world. Wrestling teaches you how to stay focused, disable an opponent, and to defend against incoming assaults. What sets it apart from martial arts is the more communal aspect of learning rather than a rigid training structure, although martial arts are still great as well. If you are worried about your kids and are looking for a self-defense course then you should definitely consider wrestling as it also fosters the social aspect of sports that kids love.